"It's about freshness,
value and

Yiassou and welcome to Mr. Greek.

In 1988, Mr. Greek® began as a family restaurant in the “Greektown” on the Danforth in Toronto. For more than three decades we have stayed true to preparing each meal fresh to order. We take pride in knowing that after all this time, we continue to offer our guests the freshest, premium ingredients, without added MSG, tenderizers or preservatives.

Every morning, our locations prep your favourites from scratch to ensure the most delicious results. Our unique recipes provide something for everyone, while staying true to the flavours of the Mediterranean. It is our hope that with our enduring commitment to the integrity of our dishes, as well as our love of guest service, you will continue to bring your families to our restaurants for years to come. It is our privilege to serve you and in keeping with true Greek tradition, you are always welcome at our table. Because life has to be enjoyed!®